That’s a Wrap..

Where has the semester gone. It’s been a wild ride, but I have grown and learned a lot. From pre-internship to my five classes, I have had some great experiences.

ECMP455 has especially helped me a grow as a future educator. I have learned a lot about tools that I can now implement in my classroom. My most favorite tool to use now is, Kahoot. I used it two times during my three week block, and I have also used it for a presentation in another class of mine.

Before taking the 455 class, I was in ECMP355 in my first year of university. Wow, it has been four years since then… Where does the time go!? I haven’t used my blog from 355 since that class ended, so I decided to start an entire new blog for this semester. I plan on using this blog even when the class has ended, posting lesson plans and blogging about my internship experience.

Along with blogging, Twitter is something I used a while back, but I decided to start fresh for the purpose of this class. I made a new account, and have made over 104 followers. It is awesome to see the numbers go up!

Click here to see a Google Doc of all the interactions I have made for this course.

Here are a few screenshots of a few Tweets I have made throughout the course:

2016-04-07 (1)2016-04-07 (2)2016-04-07 (3)


Thanks everyone for a great class! Learned a lot, and keep in touch! ūüôā


Snowflake Princess

In my ECMP455 class, we had the powerful opportunity to talk with Carol Todd, over a zoom chat conference. In Carol’s talk she discussed the importance of digital citizenship, and the relevance to educating on this topic. Carol, has an empowering story and I think all educators should learn from her story. From listening to her, I have developed a deeper understanding of the importance of teaching digital citizenship, especially to our younger generations. I always knew it was important, but now I know as a future educator I WILL incorporate teaching digital citizenship in my classroom.

Carol has explained that her horrible story, has inspired her to bring something positive from it and educate others on this serious issue. She has created a support group, called the Amanda Todd Legacy. From this she connects with other support groups surrounding mental health, and this is to spread awareness.

Here is the mission statement and vision for the Amanda Todd Legacy:


As you can see that I named my blog post Snowflake Princess,¬†and something that really stuck with me from listening to Carol talk is the reason behind this… If you did not hear Carol talk here is the reason behind why she called Amanda her Snowflake Princess.

2016-04-04 (1).png

2016-04-04 (3).png

snowflake.jpgPhoto Credit

This story that Carol told us, and it reminds me of the conversations that I have with my own mother some days. It actually breaks me heart reading this, and I wish Carol still had her Snowflake Princess today… She doesn’t, but now she can educate us and I am very thankful for learning from her talk.

Digital-CitizenshipPhoto Credit 

Do you think teaching digital citizenship in your classroom is important? or have you taught it to your students?



Quitting Social Media?

Yeah, you heard it right… I am trying to stay off of social media, but it is harder than it sounds.

I find that a lot of my time and energy is spent on checking my phone, scrolling through news feed and taking pointless pictures. Does anyone feel the same way? Every night before bed I check my Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. Then every morning, once again, the first thing I do when I wake up is check all my social media apps. I started to think that social media was taking over my life.

I feel now that I have limited myself to the amount of time I spend on social media apps, and deleting a few off my phone, I have become more aware of my surroundings. I notice things more, like the beautiful colors in the sky or the old people who are holding hands obviously in love. It sounds a little bit cheesy, but I honestly can say I feel better not having to rely on my phone all the time.

Something that has helped me with my social media addiction, is instead of checking my apps before bed, I will read a book. I LOVE reading, and with school and work it is difficult to find time to read. Now, I can actually read a book before bed and that makes me happy.

Check out this video “A year offline”

Does anyone else feel like social media might be taking over their lives? I would suggest deleting one app at a time, so you don’t lose your entire mind. Also, try to do something you love, instead of checking your phone. For me, that was reading!


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May the Force be With You…

Learn to code with Star Wars? Okay, I’ll admit, my nerdy side thinks that is pretty cool.

Check out this video to see what I am talking about:

The first mistake I made when trying this game out= I moved the “when run” tab out of place, so every time I tried to move BB-8 it was not working. Opps, I eventually figured it out. Here is what I’m talking about, I moved the orange tab and it wouldn’t let me move. Rookie mistake.

5b1b1d3c-c368-4e7a-ad8c-b209e971df8a (1)

I think I had way too much fun with that game. I think students would really enjoy that too. While I was participating in this game, I felt that there was a lot of problem solving that needed to be done and I think this is an important skill for students to learn. So I could see how using this website would be beneficial for students. I also see coding as a way for students to be engaged with technology in a new way other than social media.

I found this article with resources and it even talks more about The article is called A Beginner’s Guide to Bringing Coding into the Classroom. This may help you out if you are interested¬†in starting coding with a class but you don’t know where to start.

Have you tried coding in your classroom? I am interested to hear how it worked for you.


Could Facebook Cost you a Job?

Dad: Don’t post that on Facebook, it might stop you from getting a job in the future.

Me: I actually don’t think they will check my Facebook or other social network profiles… Why would they?… Seems like a waste of time.

I guess my dad was right, and I was being a naive teenager. Employers most likely will try and explore your social networking accounts to see your pictures and what you post. A lot of my teacher friends on Facebook changed their names so that nobody could find them, I still contemplate doing that too.

So what you post on social media, could that cost you a job?¬†I think the answer is yes, but I turned to the trusty internet to find out what others have to say…

This article states “One in five bosses has rejected a job applicant after checking out their profile on social media sites”…. Along with finding a job I think it is important to be prudent about posting things on social media in general. I get that we all have opinions, but sometimes our opinions need to be kept to ourselves. I have heard many stories of people getting fired, especially teachers, for posting inappropriate things on the internet. To illustrate, this teacher was fired for referring to their students as “germ bags”, you can check out the article if you want to read more.

Why not just keep your posts inspiring, motivational and kind? Why not live by the words of Ellen DeGeneres “Be kind to one another” in real life and on social media, and who knows your kindness might actually GET you a job instead of costing you one.


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Stressed Out

Lately I have been hearing a lot of people talk about how stressed they have been, and I am totally on the same page as them. The stress of university is undeniable, and I’m sure most people like myself, have been counting down the days until the semester is over. When I think about the semester coming to an end it stressed me out even more because there is so many assignments due when I am finished my 3 week block. IS THERE ANYONE ELSE FEELING THIS WAY?

Well, the other day I found an article on Edutopia, Positive Strategies to Avoid Stress, Anxiety and Burnout. I really thought this article was beneficial to me right now, so I hope it can be some assistance to you if you are feeling stressed this busy time of year.

The tips that the article shared include:



Does anyone else have any tips on what to do when you are feeling stressed?

Please share! ūüôā

End the Stigma Using Twitter.

Inspiring quotes are something I enjoy reading and they can put a smile on my face. Whenever I am deeply thinking about something I usually turn to Pinterest to search up some inspirational quotes. For me, inspiring quotes can go along way. For others, they think quotes are cheesy. Well whatever you may think about inspiration quotes, I think they could help save lives.

When Carrie Shade, lost her friend to suicide she decided she wanted to do something about it. She started by tweeting inspirational quotes and soon it became much more than that. She spreads awareness and even started her own clothing line where most of the shirts say “End the Stigma”. Carrie¬†is trying to prove that self harm and mental illness are serious issues that can’t be ignored.

Some of the posts that I have found to very powerful: @AgainstSuicide 

activism 1


activism 2


activism 3



activism 4

Kahoot-ed my classroom

Pre-Internship has been amazing and it is only day 5 of teaching. Since I am in the Arts Education program I get to experience teaching in an elementary school and in a high school. I really enjoyed my elementary experience and honestly was skeptical about teaching high school, but I am truly enjoying it. High school is a very different teaching dynamic from elementary school.

I am teaching a grade 10 English class and we are working on a novel study together. I have noticed that high school students are constantly connected to their cell phones so I thought I may as well let them use their cell phones for an activity instead of telling them to put their phones away. For our chapter questions I made a Kahoot, that included 16 questions. The students had a lot of fun with it, and I did as well. I have never seen the students so engaged, and I plan on using it again before they have their actual quiz.

Also, making a Kahoot was so easy and took me less than half an hour. It is also a great way to see where students are at with the learning outcomes and see what needs to be discussed in more detail. For those of you in your 3 week block right now, I encourage you to try it out in your classrooms. My grade 10 class loved it! ūüôā

If you have never used Kahoot before, here is a tutorial that can help you get started.


Has anyone used Kahoot in their classroom before? How did it work for you?


We Are All Treaty People

This year has been fulfilled of experiences towards Treaty Education, that have been informative, powerful and inspiring.  I have had the opportunity to learn so much from Treaty Education, Joseph Naytowhow and now recently Murray Sinclair. Lately, I have also been thinking about and applying how to indigenous my classroom practices.

During¬†Murray Sinclair’s talk he talked about public school experiences, and what those experiences entailed towards Treaty Education. For me, I learned very little and it wasn’t until University that I really began to truly understand the place I live today. Why was I not taught about First Nations and M√©tis culture when it is mandatory in the curriculum? With all of the learning experience I have had around Treaty Education, I know as a future educator I will infuse my classroom with the information we should know about.

The Saskatchewan Curriculum, in the Treaty Education Outcomes and Indicators page it states, ¬†“By the end of grade 12, students will understand that Treaty relationships are based on a deep understanding of peoples‚Äô identity which encompasses: languages, ceremonies, worldviews, and relationship to place and the land.” It saddens me to know that when I was in grade 12 I didn’t know much¬†or anything at all about Treaty Education. I know I will not allow this to happen for the students I will be teaching in the future.

The most inspiring thing I took away from Murray Sinclair’s talk was that the end game is important, and if we want to reach the end game we need to be committed and patient.¬†We all made a contribution by listening to his speech and taking his message forward with us. We still have a lot of work to do, but we need to work together. We live on Treaty 4 land and we are all treaty people.¬†



Mindful Living. In & Out of the Classroom.

This past year has been an eye opener for my health and happiness. My first years of university I became extremely inactive, and never saw any vegetables in my diet. I was staying up late and often sleeping until noon every day. Needless to say I felt awful about my life and often I was grumpy and tired.  For an entire year and a half now I have been going to the gym every day, eating healthier, stretching and meditating daily. Let me tell you.. I FEEL GREAT! I have so much more energy, my happiness is radiant and I am feeling less stressed.

All of these healthy habits have made me curious about promoting mindful living throughout the classroom. I wish that someone showed me how to be mindful when I was younger, because I believe I would have grown up with different life dynamic.

6867926303_3347b4bbdePhoto Credit


So what is mindfulness you may ask? I believe it is being aware of your body and your surroundings in that present moment. Meditation is a great example of being mindful. I have tried meditation with a group of students I work with at the Before & After school program, and they really enjoyed it. I had them lay on the carpet area of the floor,  I turned on some relaxing music and read a meditation script. When I am feeling stressed I like to stop and take a few big deep breaths in and out, focusing on my breath helps me relax. Stretching and yoga could also be used in the classroom to practice mindfulness, and even something as simple as checking posture throughout the day can contribute to being mindful.

Here is an TedTalk on mindfulness in the classroom that I encourage you to check out.

“Mindfulness is a life skill that is really worth learning”.


Here is a picture I found on  Pinterest  that inspired me to take time for myself. University and even the profession of teaching makes us very busy and sometimes stressed. I often feel that with teaching you are always making sure the needs of each student are being met and sometimes forget about yourself, there needs to be a healthy balance of both. Ever since I started to become mindful of my body I feel a lot happier, and I believe your happiness and healthiness shines through in your teaching. If you are happy, your students will be too.


Have you tried the practice of being mindful in your own life or in your classroom? I would like to hear your personal stories and experience with mindful living.


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